• Reimeille

    Please use infoboxes!

    December 11, 2014 by Reimeille

    I guess this place doesn't have a forum? Well, I just wanted to say to whoevers around: please use infoboxes for character articles (and any other place they can be applicable: episodes, etc.), instead of tables! It works much better, looks cleaner and really, just makes sense!

    To use them, click "insert", click "Template" and then click the one that says "infobox". From there you just enter stuff in! Please use Michiru or Himeka's page for examples! Need help, just ask on my message wall. I'm never on this wiki, but all messages from all wikis are connected, and I will see it from where I usually am on the Disney Wiki!

    I know I'm not an admin, but this seems pretty urgent, this place needs some help, and infoboxes are a godsend! Besides, you…

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