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  • AoiFeOLivia

    Hi! It's AoiFeOLivia, admin of this wiki. I've change Kamichama Karin Wiki's appearance a week ago and I realize :

    I can't foster this wiki myself!!

    I need someone who I can depends on, someone who truly dedicated to Kamichama Karin and this wiki. I need someone who has passion for it. I need someone who will take care of this wiki better than I do. So, if we combine our powers, this wiki will be as great as ever!

    I hope you'll glad to join. Click here if you want to.

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  • AoiFeOLivia

    New Account

    November 14, 2010 by AoiFeOLivia

    Hi everyone! It's me, AoiFeOLivia. I actually wanna tell you something about this new account.

    I'm K4gom3 higur4shi. But sincerely, I just make a new account so I can change my name. I like the name of AoiFeOLivia cause it's more professional [at least it is]. But afterall, this is still Olivia Gracia, the girl who had the account name K4gom3 higur4sh1 and the one who created this wiki.

    So, I guess that's the news. I'm sorry that I've leave this wiki without any responsibilities. I'm really really sorry. And now, I'll pay my unresponsible actions and I almost did it.

    With all the Chu♥, I'm sincerely Sorry

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