Mi Yon/Miyon Yi
Miyon Yi

Mi Yon Yi/Miyon Yi

Name: Mi Yon Yi/Miyon Yi
Age: 13
Debuted in: Kamichama Episode 3 (Himeka-chan's Secret)
Voiced By: Kazusa Murai


Hair a bluish green shade of aquamarine, long, fluffy hair that ends in tight curls. She is always wearing tassel hair clips.

About Mi Yon Yi/Miyon YiEdit

Himeka's best friend from elementary school. Although she lives in Japan with her mother, she's actually from Korea. She has a crush on Yuuki and hopes that he would get to music school. She also enjoys writing plays, which are very unusual and no one understands. The only one who appears to understand them are Kirio, who greatly admires Miyon's work. In Kamichama Karin Chu, she is said to have perished in a house fire in the Sakurai's home. However, she appears at Kazune and Karin's wedding. This suggests that by rewinding time Kazune and Karin were able to prevent the fire from killing Miyon, which had been caused by a seed of chaos.

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