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He has blue eyes and blonde hair.


Kazune is very stubborn and acts mature. He doesn't show his true feelings though. When he's drunk, he confess sometimes what he thinks . However, He is very protective of those he cares about.(Such as Himeka and Karin) Later in the series, he admits his feelings for her and it is revealed in the future that they get married and have a child. He also has a competive streak as he and Jin face off against each other for Karin's affection. 

God Form

Kazune borrows the powers of the god named, "Apollo". He has white clothing and holds a staff. He wears sandals as well. After turning into his god form, he faints because his body isn't strong enough. In Kamichama Karin Chu, he has another god form as well.

Trivia Edit

Kazune and Karin's relationship could be compared to Mikan Sakura and Natsume Hyuga's from Gakuen Alice.

  • Both Mikan and Karin are naive and attract attention from two boys
  • Both Kazune and Natsume act cold and distant,but grow to warm up and be protective of their love interest.
  • Both boys have a fanclub that bullies the female love interest. (Although,Natsume's fanclub becomes close friends with Mikan while Kazune's still have a hatred for her.)
  • Both boys have someone else competing for the females attention.(Ruka for Mikan, and Jin for Karin.)

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