Karin-chan Becomes a Goddess
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"Karin-chan's Mysterious Ring"
"Himeka-chan's Secret"

Karin is just about to put her ring in the man who asks her for her ring in exchange for her dead cat Shii-chan, when Kazune comes and takes the ring out of the circle the man made. He calls her a idiot for thinking she could bring back Shii-chan and giving her most precious item to him to break. Then Kazune promises he'll explain everything tommorow.

The next day it's back to normal and Karin gets her normal grade,30% a F. However when she finishes school she sees Kazune and Himeka waiting for her at the gate of her school. When they walk around, Kazune says that he hates spring and Karin questions him about school and other stuff when Himeka falls down. They help Himeka up and Himeka gives Karin a plum blossom with a catapiller on it and Kazune gets afraid and backs off. Himeka says she loves spring because of all the bugs that come in the season.

They go to a hotel and talk about what a god is when Himeka finds a crow and finds a map. Himeka runs off and Karin and Kazune get worried so they go outside and start to look for her when Karin meets the guy who almost destroyed her ring and challenges him. But the man has a weapon that can drain energy and it almost hits her when Kazune pushes her where the beam was going to be. Himeka appears with butterflies in a cage and accidently lets go of them and they go on Kazune making him faint. The man (or Mr.Glasses Guy, called by Karin) tries to get Karin with his beam but Himeka takes the attack instead.

Karin wants to save all of them so she transforms into a goddes with the power of her ring and wakes Himeka and Kazune up. However she cannot control the power, so Kazune helps her and she focuses her power on him and making her move, Finishing Move: God Thunder. After Himeka tells Karin she'll be living with them in their house and going to their school. At the end Karin asks Shii-chan to watch over her.

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