Karasuma Kirihiko is Karasuma Kirika and Karasuma Kirio father, both with Kujyou Kazuto, they reserching the ring of God. He's also the one who create the ring Zeus and also the one who seperate Himeka into 2. His first appereance is when Kirio use the ring of Zeus and trying to destroy Hanazono Karin and Kujyou Kazune ring but Karin and Kazune defeat him.

At Kamichama Karin Chu, Karasuma Rika/ Karasuma Himeka came from the future in order to awakened her father(Karasuma Kirihiko) to cure Karasuma Kirika ill ness. She created the seed of chaos to awakened him. Karasuma Kirihiko is waiting to be awakened in Kuga Jin body. at the last chapter Karin and the three honoured Gods(Kujyou Kazune, Nishikiori Michiru and Kuga Jin) managed to defeat him in order to safe Kazune and Michiru from
ying and Ji
n from losing his memory.

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