Chapter 1 Chu is the first chapter of the manga Kamichama Karin Chu, forming part of Volume 1 of the second series.

Chapter 1 Chu
Chapter 1 chu
Chapter Info
Volume Kamichama Karin Chu 1
Pages 42
Chapter 2 Chu

Synopsis Edit

Karin Hanazono must find the three noble Gods that she sees in a vision from a dream. After school she goes and picks up Kazune Kujyou from an airport because he came back from a trip. They go home and ketch up where they left off at. Karin gets puzzled and remembers of her dream, She goes to sleep by Kazune in her bed and wokes up the next day later to find a little visitor in the bed. Later described as the future son named Suzune Kujyou, from Karin and Kazune.

Suzune tells his parents that the future needs help.

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