• Seahorse Chu

    Admin name changing

    October 13, 2018 by Seahorse Chu

    I finally changed the admin name names so this wiki can be more realistic to the manga. It too me a while to figure it out but I finally found it. 

    The word "Admin" is now changed to Goddess, unless we start getting users that are males on here I'll have to change the word into Gods so it wound be weird for the guys. The word "bureaucrat" is now changed to Eternal to known their over the Gods and Goddesses. It's like a forever Goddess or God.

    I am hoping to get more people to come to this wiki and help out. There still lots to be done. I need more help and more people. Please don't be shy to ask on the request. Please and thank you!!

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  • Seahorse Chu

    Adding Another Story

    September 27, 2018 by Seahorse Chu

    I've been thinking about the series "Kon Kon Kokon" to be apart of this wiki. I also know they have same characters that appear on the Kamichama Karin series. Such as Kazune and Himeka. Also even Ren looks like he's Kirio Karasuma AKA Glasses Man. 

    I've been searching on the web I also accrue to me that the book series Kon kon Konkon has only one book throughout the whole series when the development of the book started, the Broccoli books went out of business in 2008. 

    Even though the series has nothing to do with Kamichama Karin or Kamichama Karin Chu I would like to make it apart of this wiki. This is because of the characters that appear in the book. 

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  • Seahorse Chu

    Recent changes

    September 8, 2018 by Seahorse Chu

    As you all know I made a little Recent changes on this wiki with the font. I believe this wiki is beautiful and it should look even more beautiful. I added an image on the top for the cover. I hope one day the original owner comes back to see my nice changes of making this wiki more kawaii and beautiful! 

    I was thinking about making the mouse cursor a change to. Like maybe Nyake (the cat). I know how to do it, but I am still thinking what to use. OH! I forgot to tell everyone to I change the header white because I feel that the wiki is heavenly. ❤

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  • Seahorse Chu


    September 7, 2018 by Seahorse Chu

    Hello... ummm I'm new to writing this and I am not sure how it works around here. I am not sure how I am post to write this. I would like to say I want to join this wiki and be apart of it. I grew up enjoy reading the books series of Kamichama Karin and the chu series. I don't care if I be the admin or owner really. If I get to adopted the wiki of Kamichama Karin I would like the original owner to still have rights regardless of anything. I understand it's a wiki of theirs first, but I know how to do stuff that She? may not know. I know how to fix templates of boxes, change the whole font of the wiki, and others. I hope one day this wiki because a big successes! 

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  • Reimeille

    Please use infoboxes!

    December 11, 2014 by Reimeille

    I guess this place doesn't have a forum? Well, I just wanted to say to whoevers around: please use infoboxes for character articles (and any other place they can be applicable: episodes, etc.), instead of tables! It works much better, looks cleaner and really, just makes sense!

    To use them, click "insert", click "Template" and then click the one that says "infobox". From there you just enter stuff in! Please use Michiru or Himeka's page for examples! Need help, just ask on my message wall. I'm never on this wiki, but all messages from all wikis are connected, and I will see it from where I usually am on the Disney Wiki!

    I know I'm not an admin, but this seems pretty urgent, this place needs some help, and infoboxes are a godsend! Besides, you…

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  • AoiFeOLivia

    Hi! It's AoiFeOLivia, admin of this wiki. I've change Kamichama Karin Wiki's appearance a week ago and I realize :

    I can't foster this wiki myself!!

    I need someone who I can depends on, someone who truly dedicated to Kamichama Karin and this wiki. I need someone who has passion for it. I need someone who will take care of this wiki better than I do. So, if we combine our powers, this wiki will be as great as ever!

    I hope you'll glad to join. Click here if you want to.

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  • AoiFeOLivia

    New Account

    November 14, 2010 by AoiFeOLivia

    Hi everyone! It's me, AoiFeOLivia. I actually wanna tell you something about this new account.

    I'm K4gom3 higur4shi. But sincerely, I just make a new account so I can change my name. I like the name of AoiFeOLivia cause it's more professional [at least it is]. But afterall, this is still Olivia Gracia, the girl who had the account name K4gom3 higur4sh1 and the one who created this wiki.

    So, I guess that's the news. I'm sorry that I've leave this wiki without any responsibilities. I'm really really sorry. And now, I'll pay my unresponsible actions and I almost did it.

    With all the Chu♥, I'm sincerely Sorry

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  • IlikePenguins

    Oh kill me, I forgot my password!

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  • ThatsHowItsDone

    I'm gonna do episode guides and as well as the episodes. I'll be updating the episodes two episodes at a time and then I'm gonna rest a day. I hope this explains it, and also, could I have a partner to do the episodes with me, the partner could just do one episode when I'm resting then the other person could rest for two days. Thanks!

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