Ami in the manga.

Ami in the manga.

Name: Ami

Age: 13-14


A big bow tying her hair into a high ponytail, and two short curls on the sides of her head.

About AmiEdit

A childhood friend of Michiru who appears in volume 6. She appears to hate the professor for the change in Michiru after the accident. Ami, in someone's request, came to Japan to deliver a mysterious notebook to the Kujyou house. The notebook contains information of god transformation and Himeka. She witnessed the kissing of Kazune and Karin and called Karin a "Scandalous Maid" or "Immoral Maid". (Karin was in an apron at that time.). Ami only appears in the manga. In the manga, she gives this important book to the Kujyou residence, but in the anime, it is the future Kazune who does this. She has a poor sense of direction.


Her name's meaning is "Friend"

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